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Although Warp is a very powerful and sophisticated advertising tool, it is amazingly simple to use. These are the few simple steps that will immediately get you on the Internet:

l) Select where you want to advertise – you do not need to advertise to the entire world. Warp can actually localize your ad to a radius of approximately 50 miles from your business! You just tell us where you want your ad to appear.

2) Provide your phone number and website address – if you do not have a website, that’s okay! We can still create an ad for you.

3) Create your ad – give us a short phrase describing your product of service (e.g., “Myrtle Beach condo” or “Atlanta dental services”).

4) Select your keywords – when a person uses a search engine to find a product, they type in very simple terms that define what they are looking for. It could be an “Alexandria realtor” or a “baritone saxophone in Cleveland.” In this step, you select several keywords that describe as specifically as possible your product or service. Basically, you are guessing what your potential customers will be typing in. If you are not comfortable picking your keywords, our technicians will do it for you!

5) Set your budget – tell Warp how much money you want to spend on a daily basis. Like any other form of advertising, the visibility of your ad is determined by the amount of money you want to spend. In the case of the Internet, you tell us what you want to spend and that money is not spent until someone actually “clicks through” to your website. When they do, money is taken out of your account. The amount of money that you are charged per click is determined by the keywords you have selected and by what other people are bidding for that keyword. So, for example, say you are a pediatrician in Boston and you selected as a keyword “Massachusetts pediatrician.” The cost of that per click will be higher than if you picked “south Boston pediatrician” because the latter is more specific and, thus, there would be fewer competitors versus the number of pediatricians in the entire state.

6) AD copy and content – you just explain your product or service in more detail.

7) Review your ad - this is where you actually get to see what your ad will look like! If you are happy with it, you submit it to Warp for its review. Within minutes you will receive confirmation that we have received it, then within 48 hours you will be on the Internet!

Keep in mind that every step of the way there will be a Warp technician ready to assist you!


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