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With thousands of search engines at our fingertips, Warp is a patented technology that simplifies the Internet advertising process by placing strategic advertising for your business within the confines of your own budget. You simply decide how much money you want to spend, provide some basic information about your business, tell us in what geographical area you want to advertise and Warp does the rest! In a matter of hours, your business can be reaching customers on Google, Yahoo, Ask.Com and other major search engines.

The "advertising" that Warp places is in the form of "sponsored links." Go to Google.com and type in the word "doctor." On the top of the page and on the right hand side you will see the sponsored links. The websites featured in the other part of the page are there based on the website's generic value as determined by employees of that particular search engine. In this section ("organic listings"), you often see non-commercial websites. There are ways to get your company listed in these spots, but it's an extremely expensive, long and chancy proposition.


Although Warp is a very powerful and sophisticated tool to place advertising, it is amazingly simple to use. There are seven simple steps that will ultimately get you on the Internet.

There are other websites that can place advertising for you, but to begin you have to call the company and talk to a high powered salesperson who no doubt will try to make you spend as much money as possible. If in the unlikely event you need help using Warp, our technicians stand ready to assist you, but they will not be selling you anything.


Warp offers a feature that makes it even more valuable - its patented toll free telephone tracking system. When we buy you a sponsored link, in your ad there will be a reference to a toll free number that, when called, connects the searcher directly to your business. You do not pay for the call. Because the toll free number is related to the keyword that was punched in, Warp can track the effectiveness of the keyword you selected.


You don't have to take our word for it that Warp is reaching more customers for you - we can prove it. Warp has several reporting devices that provide you with information on how many people have seen your advertisement, how many people have clicked on to your website and how many people have called you because of the advertising. Warp receives data from all over the Internet and reports it back to you in an easy-to-read manner so you can monitor your Internet advertising campaign in one easy location.


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